True Community Foundation Program

Providing service whenever in need, through calm or crisis.

Step 1 (Answer these questions) 

* Have you experienced a traumatic occurrence that has impacted you significantly ?

Examples (may include but are not limited to) : Living through a natural disaster, being a victim of sexual or armed assault, witnessing tragedy happen to someone else?

* Have you felt affected by the feelings of edginess, anxiety, or nerves? 

* Have you experienced a lack of interest with activities you usually enjoy for a period longer than a week?

Examples : (work, exercise, hobbies)

* Do feelings of anxiety and discomfort around others bother you?

Step 2

After completing these questions please email us your answers, along with your name and best contact information 

Email :

Step 3

~ Remember that you are not alone & that we support / stand with you ~


We will get back with you in a timely manner to ensure the best results.