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The Communities Choice

Teen Wellness 2020

Introducing our Community Cups!!

Enjoy your daily roast out of our sleek, bold, sturdy 16oz matte black Community Cups! Limited supply only


Abolishing Teen Starvation

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We are so much more than a coffee company!

We are members of the community seeking to serve the community.

Whether it's providing warmth for those in need during winter, take home lunches for kids in need of an extra meal during the school year, or santuary for people to come together and relate through talks of prevention and wellness. We are here to serve YOU.

Unified we stand for mental wellness by taking action against the avenues supporting mental illness. Consistently reminding people that they are not alone. 

We are here to serve you, by creating a stronger healthier community. 

This is the future of coffee in Atlanta

February 2020

Nubian G

... and on top of all that, their coffee is an A+

March 2020

Jason B.

Such a wonderful full cycle program, providing me with the coffee I love while helping those I care about.

January 2020

Haley M.

I've never seen anything like this before, but it is definitely needed. I am very happy they are around!

March 2020

Seth T.

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