Abolishing Teen Starvation

Teen starvation is an epidemic within school systems throughout the nation. Hunger is the leading cause of misdiagnosis, PTSD, severe anxiety, and depression for children and teens K-12th. Kids today are expected to focus and perform at an exceptional rate despite having only one meal a day. This year, we will be focusing on bringing a proper spotlight to this issue, and creating change here throughout the city. 

We have partnered with multiple local schools to provide assistance during this unexpected calamity COVID-19. Every week we will be providing assistance in deliveries, food donation, funds donations, and Sanitation kits for students and families in need to use. 

We stand with our partners as long as this issue continues and provide our unwavering support.

if you would like more info on how to help us please send us an email at info@dusecoffee.com